June 19-25: Photo Project Week 25

It’s been a hard week. But I kept at taking my pictures. I still enjoy it. It is a bit of an escape from the stressors of life.

June 19 – Heirloom Tomatoes

Germany is a cloudy country. Our yard is shady yard. My tomatoes are doing well, but they’re not ripening. So we moved them from the shady oak back yard to the front, praying that the on the brighter north side of the house, they would receive as much as light as they need to ripen. I may need to cut out some branches, but I’m not sure if this is a thing that I can do.

June 20, 2022

My husband and I walked the grain fields near our house on Monday. The weather went from 95º to 60º in one day. Our lack of rain has caused the grain to ripen way earlier than last year. I am from a prairie province in Canada and these grain fields remind me of my grandparents’ farm. My grandpa would take me on the tractor to turn the soil that grew crops such as these. I miss Canada.

June 22 – Hoary Plantain

I didn’t have to walk far to find these weeds in someone’s grass. They are taking advantage of the drought and reaching up to the sunshine.

June 22 – Hemlock

I’m still not sure this is Hemlock, but if it is all the stories that I’ve read of people being poisoned by hemlock have come to life. Plants are amazing. They are beautiful, but they also can be deadly. Our world is made up of strange dichotomies. The most beautiful roses have the prickliest thorns. Our Savior was holy and a king and came to die in the most humiliating way. This is the beauty of life on this planet. The hard is mixed in with the beautiful.

June 23 – Evening Primrose

I’ve noticed so many flowers this year that I am bound to post a duplicate. And in this Evening Primrose I did. Obviously, I’m going to post roses all the time. They are my favourite. This guy greeted me as I walked through our big city park. Perfect John Deere colours.

June 24 – Rain

It sprinkled and was super humid on Friday. We are praying for rain desperately. The forecast promised that overnight it would rain and we just waited for that. In the evening it poured for almost an hour. We were so thankful.

June 25 – Rain Gauge

FInally we had more than 2mm of rain. We are so thankful for the 18 mm we received on Friday night and I was very excited to take this picture on Saturday morning. As you can see the brown grass behind, we still need many more inches of rain, but we are thankful for whatever we receive.

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