I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”—Michael Scott. The following was an Instagram Post. A Friend asked that I post it on my blog. I called the Tupperware customer service line this morning to order replacement pieces for my 16 year old Tupperware that has broken. It took 9 minutes on the phone... Continue Reading →

VII: The Old Testament

This is a little late this week. The Celebration of Easter, HE IS RISEN!!!, and the daily monotony of life have really really gotten to me. I am one that has to look forward to something and right now, there is nothing to look forward to except more staying at home. In some ways, I... Continue Reading →

VI: Sufficiency of Scripture

To be honest, it’s been a hard week again. I’ve been trying to grab the energy to get back to my study on the 39 Articles, but I have lacked the desire. But today, (Saturday), as I sit on my porch in the most amazing sunshine and temperature, (We’ve actually had spring this year and... Continue Reading →


Today’s topic was supposed to be a recap of March’s stuff. Instead, my mind is filled with what many in this digital age and in this digital time have called Grief.  Stupid, Stupid Coronavirus.  Stupid Coronavirus.   I don’t care, for my sake, that we are holed up in our house.  I actually love that... Continue Reading →

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