September 5-10: Photo Project Week 36

Lots of cooking and baking and household pictures this week. I injured my leg on Monday so I have stopped walking on the Prairie Path. I think I pulled my calf somehow. The joys of middle-age.

September 5 – Transplanting

Got the succulent babies transplanted this week. I think two of the sedum (?) are not going to make it but the Aloe babies are going strong.

September 6 – Calendar

I am living for some October dates right now. Counting the days.

September 7 – Apples

My dad and daughter went out on Monday evening to pick the apples. They aren’t the best apples but we made them into amazing applesauce. Makes me hungry thinking about it.

September 8 – Elizabeth

I may be weird but because I have lived in England and Wales and am Canadian by birth, the royal family has fascinated me. I love history and so the fact that this week Queen Elizabeth died, has made me sad. She was such a great lady of loyalty to her family and to her country.

September 9 – It’s Alive!

Friday nights are pizza nights in our house and I make it from scratch. I am amazing every week when the yeast blooms. Yeast is amazing.

September 10 – Critters

Put my telephoto lens on this morning to see if I could capture an animal and the Redwing Blackbirds and the Chipmunks were out.

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