September 11-17: Photo Project Week 37

September 11 – Rain

It was a fitting day to have rain and remember.

September 12 – Mini Roses

These are such small roses. They are no bigger than a silver dollar. They are still blooming strong even though the days are getting shorter.

September 13 – Homeschool by FaceTime

I will be very glad when our family is back together on this side of the pond. Homeschooling by FaceTime is not ideal. But it is what we have right now.

September 14 – Chestnut Tree

This Chestnut tree’s leaves started turning earlier in July. I don’t know if it normal, but I do know that in Germany they did this as well last summer and because of the drought this summer, they were brown in August already. Some day there will be large Chestnuts on this tree and I hope I get to sample them then.

September 15 – My car

My car arrived late on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I went and had it washed and the windshield cleaned on the inside. It is so nice to have a vehicle again.

September 16 – Wash on the “line”

I love hangin out wash to dry. My kids have “horrible” memories of me making them do it, but it really is environmentally friendly. One of my pet peeves is that homeowner’s associations in America restrict this. Silliness if you ask me. It is being a much better steward of energy.

September 17 – Russian Sage

I love the mounds of Russian sage that dot, medians and yards here. They can be scraggly, but when they are mounded in groups of three or more, they look amazing. That lovely lavender flower atop light green foliage could confuse one for lavender plants, but when you crust the flower, the fragrance tells you that it is indeed a sage.

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