June 26-July 2: Photo Project Week 26

I cannot believe that the year is half over. The days are now getting shorter which I don’t like, but I love summer and summer in Germany is amazing even without air conditioning.

June 26 – Queen Anne’s Lace

Although this is a weed, I love it. It is the queen of summer.

June 27 – Mailbox Update

The Thunbergia is growing like crazy and it loves this location. I am hoping by the end of summer that it will completely cover this mailbox.

June 28 – Heal-All or Prunella

This little weed grows instead of grass. Maybe because we need more rain, but the little purple flowers are keeping the bees happy in our yard.

June 29 – Fireweed or Willowherb

This plant will take over ground that has been burned in fire. Hence, the name Fireweed. According to Wikipedia, during WWII they noticed that some time after bombs had fallen during the Blitz, this weed would grow profusely. What an amazing picture of God making beauty for ashes.

June 30 – Cleaning out

One of the joys of homeschooling is the end of the year clean out. This past school year we used a new-to-us science curriculum so we have tons of supplies that I tried to sell. As usual, they didn’t sell, but I will hold on to them in order to sell whenever we move back to America. I hate holding on to stuff, but there isn’t a market over here and I am not going to ship it back.

July 1 – Stinging Nettles

I hate these guys, but their flower is beautiful. Stinging Nettles are EVERYWHERE here, you have to be careful, but thankfully the reaction to their “poison” is not long lasting and within 30 minutes all is back to normal.

July 2 – More Clean-out

When I had all four of our kids living with us, every year I would have them hold up signs to say what grade they were starting. This last move, I lost all of the signs, so I didn’t get Eric and Ella to do it. Well I found them and I put them in my school room where, come August/September, I can find them.

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