June 12-18: Photo Project Week 24

It was a busy week prepping for company and then doing three day trips to various locations near our house. The temperature steadily rose this week and it was almost 100º yesterday. We need rain so badly here so please pray that we would receive rain in the next week. Our grass is brown brown, but since it is, I don’t have to mow it.

June 12 – Lavender

Our next door neighbour’s lavender is spectacular. It is loving these dry hot days. I watched the bees for awhile last Sunday and got the picture at the right time.

June 13 – Sweet yellow tomatoes

These tomatoes were an impulse buy last weekend. They already had ripe tomatoes on them and they are so sweet. So good to eat. Just pop them in your mouth. My other tomatoes are over four feet tall, but they have been lacking sunlight in the back yard, so we brought them to the front so that they would get more hours in good light.

June 14 – Pita Bread

This was a picture of a recipe fail. I wanted to make Pita bread and have used this recipe before, but it failed then too. But they still are tasty, just very very dry. I believe the oven temp suggested is much too high for this type of bread. It dries out before it puffs up and is good for pita chips, but not really pita bread.

June 15 – Hydrangea

Unlike the lavender above, this hydrangea does not like the heat. Every day it wilts while the sun is on it and then perks back up again when the sun moves to the other side of the house. I love the blue/purple colour this plant has. We planted this one last summer and I was sure that it wouldn’t be blue again once it got established, but it is. Maybe not all hydrangeas change colour to the pH in the soil?

June 16 – White Stonecrop/Sedum

These teeny tiny succulents were growing abundantly in the ruins of a castle we travelled to see on Thursday. They clung to the rocks of the crumbling walls and poked their flower heads straight up in praise of their Creator.

June 17 – Dahlia

I didn’t know Dahlia’s bloomed this early, but I believe they were planted already in bloom or are an early variety. They were blooming in large planters in Mainz, a city near us. I love this shade of pink.

June 18 – New Old Table

We bought a table at Ikea five years ago. Little did we know it was a health hazard. Anyone sitting at the end was at risk for shin knocking and it hurt!. Earlier this week Douglas went to a local antique sale and saw this table. Then yesterday he and I saw it together and we loved it. It is smaller and narrower, but because we move frequently, it will fit better into a smaller space. I cannot wait to have others join us to fellowship around it.

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