All Things Together

We’ve been here in Germany for three weeks.

We’re still waiting for our household goods.

We received Douglas’ truck. YAY!!!!! We are very very thankful for that.

I’ve done a lot of walking.

I’ve used my meager German a lot. I was even told by a lady who worked in the deli at the local grocery store that my German was good.

Not going to lie, I’m tired of living in this situation. Tired of living with borrowed kitchen ware. Tired of cooking in only a frying pan. We’re trying really hard to be positive. But I’m bored. I’ve read a lot of Kindle books and I’m very thankful that I got a four-month kindle unlimited subscription. I’ve finished reading two authors’ entire collection.

I’ve also started a thankful list. Writing three things every day that I am thankful for. I’m using my daily planner because I don’t have my thankful notebook yet. I’m finding the good each day.

But, you know what? God knows. I started following the She Reads Truth scripture prompts. My brain doesn’t always want to, but at least I try to read the Scriptures each day, trying to get it into my head. The writers are working through the New Testament right now. Next month it will be Deuteronomy. That will be fun considering my dad wrote a commentary on Deuteronomy. If we have our books, I will have that commentary sitting next to me. (😉)

Today’s study was on Colossians. And Colossians 1 in particular. Verses 15-20 have become such a favorite of mine. Especially since Andrew Peterson wrote “All Things Together” on his Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 Album.

In the midst of the chaos of boredom, He still holds all things together. In the midst of being apart from our adult children and having to help them through the early adult years, He is before it.

When we don’t think he’s there holding things together. He is.

I’m just praying that on days when my mind wants to go where it will, I remember this.

“And He is before all things and in Him ALL THINGS hold together.” Colossians 1:17

And we will continue to wait.

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  1. Reading, walking, and exploring are great boredom busters! I’ve read a few good books lately: Mama Bear Apologetics, Another Gospel, and currently reading Fault Lines. Another Gospel is my favorite of the three. Praying you get your household goods soon! P.S. Gratitude journals are fantastic!


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