Hotel Living

We made it!!!! After over 5 weeks of prepping, packing and painting, we are in the hotel. We’ve exploded and don’t allow the cleaning people in at all because our stuff is literally EVERYWHERE!!! It feels very strange to not have anything to to. After weeks of cleaning and painting and continually finding little house projects that kept popping up, we have turned the house over and are so thankful for our renters.

I’m also so thankful for friends. The last two weeks we lived at our friends’ house because they were out of town. That was such a blessing to be able to empty our house of our luggage and be able to clean without having our bags in the way.

We dropped the dog off with friends. Strider is not coming with us right now, and that was a super sad goodbye. I am hopefully (crossing my fingers and toes) coming back in the fall to get him and bring him across. Summer means heat embargos on flying pets commercially and there was no room on the military flight either.

Since we’ve been at the hotel, we’ve had little things to do. I got my haircut, mailed some packages, got the dog’s paperwork sorted, etc. Also, Ella successfully got her driver’s license so we don’t have to worry about that when we come back in 2-3 years. Here in South Carolina you can get your license at 15 as long as you have had your permit for 180 days. She did it!!! She got her permit the day after her 15th birthday and then got her license one day after she was 15 1/2. She will not be driving in Europe because the insurance would be outrageous and you can’t get your license until you are 17 there. Even with knowing that she won’t be driving, she still wanted to get her license and she did it!!!

We ship the car tomorrow and then in a few days, we fly out of here. Crazy to think that in a week we will be overseas.

Not going to lie, I cannot wait for European coffee, but am not looking forward to jet lag. Luckily, one helps the other out. Meanwhile, the Tour de France is happening and the French countryside is keeping us entertained while we hang out in the hotel room.

Thanks so much for coming along with us on this ride. It’s been a bit bumpy, but we’re still moving.

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