Thankfulness in the Midst of Chaos

These last six weeks have been utter chaos. Not anything bad, but a lot of things are taking up precious brain space. I’m a middle season mom and my life feels so out of control right now.

My oldest is graduating in two days. Woohoo!!! During all of his cancer treatments, this child refused to get behind in school (PTL for homeschooling) and the only thing he missed was his Mock Trial. He finished all of his other course work ahead of schedule. So now in two days he will be walking down the aisle with new friends to celebrate graduation. I am so excited for him, but also sad. I didn’t think that sadness would come because it takes a lot to make me cry, but there is some sadness. Especially when I see these pictures.

In the midst of planning for graduation (we homeschool moms have to do all the planning, which makes it tougher, trust me), I was asked to go on a beach weekend with a friend and her friends. We have all been communicating via text message for 18 months and it was such a blessing to finally meet in North Carolina at the beach and laugh and sit and enjoy each other’s company for real! (Thanks Kay!) What an God-given blessing (I know I keep repeating myself, but it was incredible). I am still suffering withdrawal.

And now as I sit and type and my youngest is doing math, the thankfulness continues to pour out of my heart because as the long weekend comes, my husband is blessing our family by pulling out all of the carpet upstairs in the kids’ bedrooms and putting in laminate flooring. I am so thankful for him. He is so willing, though the time he has to put into it is hard to sacrifice, to help our family budget by doing all of these amazing projects. But while this is going on, this is what my dining room looks like.

In all of this mess, I have a heart that cries, thank you to God. I have always desired to go on a girls weekend. My oldest son survived homeschooling for 13 years and is going on to do amazing things. My husband is amazing and I am so thankful for him and his willingness to make our house a home.

Thank you Lord.

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