October 9-15: Photo Project Week 41

It was a busy week as we prepared for traveling to see family.

October 9 – Coconut Cream Pie

It was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend and normally it would be the traditional pumpkin pie etc. This year I missed my husband’s birthday so I made his favorite, Coconut Cream Pie for thanksgiving.

October 10 – Last Daylily

Fall arrived this week with frost and cooler temps. My dad said I should take the picture of the last daylily of the summer because frost would come soon.

October 11 – Fuzzy Spear Thistle

I captioned this on Instagram “Tis the season of fuzzy socks, fuzzy sweaters, and fuzzy weeds.”

October 12 – Vanilla

My husband and I have been making our own vanilla extract since probably 2011. This week we started another batch as it takes between 9-12 months for it to be ready. Just a big bottle of rum and a mess of vanilla beans.

October 13 – Coffee

We started our trip to see family on Thursday. Coffee gets us going especially on long car trips.

October 14 – Quiet

We made it to our first destination in upstate South Carolina to see our daughter and just hang out. A beautiful house on a quiet lake.

October 15 – Tractor

As I wandered the yard of the house, this tractor was sheltered under the trees waiting for use, or maybe just sitting after many years of use. Either way, it brings back memories of my uncle’s Ford tractor that hauled and scraped all the things that tractors scrape and haul on a farm.

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