March 6-12: Photo Project Week 10

It was a week of transition. I am back in the US for a family emergency for a while. I kept up with the project just so that I could have a bit of routine to my day.

March 6: Biscuits.

I may do the majority of the baking in our house, but Douglas bakes the biscuits. They are so so good.

March 7: Monkey Wrenches

Like I wrote above, I am back in the United States for a family emergency. This was not in the cards even a month ago, and I am still wondering why. And I know that it’s not for me to know that yet. So I sit and pray for grace to get through this little while.

March 8: Goodness

I am thankful for kind people, who I didn’t know, to open their home to me while I am here. I am enjoying my time in the desert and am thankful for God’s goodness. Not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard to see that He is good. But I have to cling to him with all my might. Where else can I go?

March 9: Desert #1

The flora around here is mind-boggling. I am amazed at the beauty of America and how God made it. The diversity of ecosystems blows my mind. And this desert is teeming with different plants than I have ever seen.

March 10: Brain-Picking

A long time ago I worked with some people in a land far away. I am so thankful for these friends. One family now lives here in the desert and she and I met for coffee. She is an author and I spent the evening asking her questions on how the book writing process works. It was such a blessing. I am so thankful for her.

March 11: Desert #2

I started earlier this morning and caught the sun as it was rising behind the hills. So much beauty here.

March 12: Orange Blossoms

The smell of these tiny flowers is cloying but oh, so wonderful. I had never smelled them before yesterday. Just another piece of God’s beauty given to us.

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