November 6-12: Photo Project Week 45

It was a busy week moving in and adding a project we weren’t planning on adding. The house that was given to us to live in for the next few years is amazing. It is old and with 100 year old houses, there are issues, but we have the added bonus of a room we hadn’t planned on utilizing because it is not finished in other houses with the same floor plan. So the 16 year old has commandeered it for her bedroom. That just means we have more room for company!!!

November 6 – The Beeches at Southern Seminary

This is where Douglas and I met and in the fall it is spectacular. We drove last Sunday to see Louisville, where we met and married to show the kids our old stomping grounds.

November 7 – Kindle

Oh Kindle has been my friend this year. It has been my sanity while the upheaval of 2022 has continued. It has been a been of brain candy and escape and for it I am thankful.

November 8 – 6 Burner Stove

The stove in this house is amazing. I love having a gas stove, but the fact that there is a 6 burner stove for this person who loves to cook? It is lovely. The oven is a little quirky but we shall see how sourdough goes once we receive the rest of our belongings.

November 9 – Mess

We received a portion of our belongings on Wednesday. It was mostly kitchen stuff. We now can eat and almost function. I can’t wait for the other things to arrive, hopefully this coming weekend.

November 10 – The Jo March Room

Ella has chosen the attic for her room. It was a lovely shade of blech brown. So we decided to paint it to make it more “liveable.” She has already designed how her things are going to go in the room so as soon as we finish painting and then scrub all the paint off the floor (it has hard floor so it shouldn’t be too bad.), she will move in to her “Jo March Room.”

November 11 – Utility Sink

I’ve never had a utility sink such as this. In Germany we had a utility sink but it was the size of a small plate, super shallow and the spigots were so high from the sink, the water just splashed. This is a utility sink. I don’t know how old it is and my friend asked if it was soapstone, which I believe it is. It is awesome for cleaning paint brushes. I just need to find some mixer hoses so that I don’t scald my hands on the hot side and freeze them on the cold side.

November 12 – Laundry

We still do not have our washer and dryer so we made another trip to a local coin laundry. We had so much laundry, but I am thankful we can go as long as we can without having to do laundry. Hopefully, this Wednesday we will receive our washer and dryer.

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