August 21-27: Photo Project Week 34

It was a week of sunshine and walks and even started Couch to 10k for no reason, just doing it again.

August 21 – Indian Apple

The house two doors down from my parents’ has a bunch of these plants in front of it. I went over and snapped the amazing flower. It’s strange though the beauty of the flower deceives us because the plant itself and the seeds are highly toxic.

August 22 – Orange Leaves

Fall is coming. The Sumac has started turning its brilliant red. The seed heads and stalks of the wildflowers and weeds along the trail are turning brown and letting us all know that it won’t be much longer and the nights will be short and cold.

August 23 – Aloe Babies

I split apart this aloe and it’s pot mates about a month ago and this aloe already has so many babies. I don’t know how to split the babies off and, haven’t had a chance to get more pots and more soil yet. Hopefully this coming week I can do that. I also have three baby sedum plants too.

August 24 – Anemone
August 25 – Puzzles

We love puzzles at our house. My oldest worked on this one all day on Thursday. I loved this puzzle because it was Paris and I was just there in May.

August 26 – Raspberries

There is nothing better than fresh raspberries. And there is nothing better than picking them right off the canes, well, except for the thorns.

August 27 – Sourdough Starter

My friend in Texas sent me starter in the mail. So I started the leaven on Saturday morning. Hopefully this morning I will bake.

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