July 10-16: Photo Project Week 28

I continued to get out of the house and find a spot of peace in taking pictures in spite of the busyness of our lives.

July 10 – Hosta Flower

My father has grown hundreds of varieties of hostas. He normally cuts the flower stems off the plants, but my neighbour and I both left this beautiful purple flower on.

July 11 – Campanula

We planted these campanula last summer and they finally gave us flowers. You can see the double flowering variety to the left. That was an accidental buy, but I think it fits in this north facing spot.

July 12 – Budgeting Woes

Tuesday I spent the morning, balancing the checkbook online and reconciling the credit card bill. I hate this part of adult life, but it must be done. I am thankful that we do budget because it has allowed us to have a splurge fund which has come in handy and also an emergency fund which also has come in VERY handy at times.

July 13 – European Highbush Cranberry

This is not an edible cranberry, nor is it a cranberry. It is, in fact, a viburnum. In North American, the highbush cranberry is edible, but here in Europe this variety is not.

July 14 – Entwining

My Black-eyed Susan vine, somehow caught my tall grass and started wrapping itself around it. I have no idea how it jumped there, but God’s creation always loves to surprise us.

July 15 – Hydrangea Paniculata

Here, in Germany, we desperately need rain. We have no grass anymore, it’s just brown. The Chestnut trees in the park are dying and losing their leaves. The flora is suffering. I went for a walk and all of a sudden I saw this beautiful hydrangea with a triangular flower head. It was loving the shade away from the sun. It was gorgeous and very happy in it’s place.

July 16 – Rose of Sharon

Hibiscus syriacus. Rose of Sharon. We had one of these bushes in the very first house we owned. I cannot remember if it was double flower like this one. I saw this one as my husband and I were walking to our local bakery for our Saturday bakery run. It’s beautiful magenta head was glowing in the

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