January 16-22: Photo Project Week 3

My life is pretty boring. The weather here can be pretty wet. It is getting harder to find things to take pictures of. There are all sorts of arguments running around in my brain regarding this project. When I find multiple objects in a day, can I save them to use for another day? Can I take a picture of the same thing? Do people really want to see this stuff?

And I’ve just decided that I’m just going to keep taking the pictures. Yes, some of the pictures may be of the same thing, hopefully the time between the pictures is big enough that you may not remember it from the last. There are also some places that I want to take pictures of more than once so that I can go back and see how it changes over the course of the year. This is a project for me. A place to improve my technique. Maybe a place to also improve my editing skills.

If anything I am finding the little things that God created and it causes thankfulness to rise up. He made a world that is beautiful and His hand is in all things. May you find His creation glorious this week.

January 16, 2022 – Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
January 17, 2022 – Strider.

He is our nine year old Goldendoodle, who loves nothing more than attention and me sitting down. He’s a good dog except when he’s not. He loves bread, crackers, pizza, butter. And he will steal food off of the counter when no one’s looking. Apple Pie, Pizza. And even ate homemade Baklava out of the Tupperware container. Thankfully, it was made with Grape Nuts and not nuts that could have been harmful.

January 18, 2022 – Hazelnut Catkins

There are signs of spring here and I’m not sure if they are early or if it is just how it is. But January seems so early to be seeing things like this. I am thankful. It brings hope even on these dark, dreary days of winter.

January 19, 2022 – Hellebore

Hellebore or Lenten Rose are my second favourite flower after a real Rose. They are another sign that God loves us because they bloom in Winter. These beautiful Magenta ones were in someone’s front garden and I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of them. I just absolutely love them.

January 20, 2022 – Orchid

These Orchids were cheap. I bought them in August to add some colour to the office where I do school with Eric and where I have my computer. This week, one of the flower spikes finally decided that it was done, but the other one is going strong. God’s creation is amazing!

January 21, 2022 – Sunbeams and Clouds

You know those pictures? Those ones that are amazing where the sunbeams break through and you can just hear the choir? This should be entitled “I tried”. I tried to edit it so that you could see the sunbeams. This is the picture where I tried to get the depth of the clouds. I tried really hard. But…. I still love this picture. It is a good representation of how weather has been this week. Cloudy with little peeks of sun.

January 22, 2022 – Rejoice

And when the winter is over
The flowers climb through the snow
The willows weep and the clover bloom
Then all at once you hear a song
That’s stronger than the noise


Andrew Peterson – Rejoice

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  1. First of all, I could look at Strider 365 days a year and sometimes 366! 🤣 Second, please, please, please send me the nut-free baklava recipe!!! Azalie is allergic to all nuts now and this was previously her favorite dessert! So much so, she chose it over cake two years in a row when we were living in AZ. Third, so what you feel like doing. We won’t know if the picture was shot in the same day or not. Sometimes it’s just easier because one scene might present many beautifully different objects. Finally, I see those sun tags! Great job!


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