February Recap

I have decided this year to have a monthly recap post the last week of every month. I think it’s sort of a reflection and maybe it’s a little pat on my own back. I sometimes don’t think that I actually do anything and so maybe if I write down what I did, well, maybe I do more than I think I do.

So February is almost over. As always, it went by super fast.

Homeschooling. Just plugging away. February is a month of blah’s. But it’s almost over. Our youngest was madly plugging away at working on his Classical Conversations Faces of History Project. He did a research paper on William the Conqueror and then his Essentials (Writing and Grammar) class met on a Tuesday night and he did an oral report on Good Ole’ William. He did fantastic.

Reading. I finished my third book of the year. I started and finished the Price of Privilege Series by Jessica Dotta. I’ve been slow reading this year. I am still hoping to read 24 books, but we shall see if that happens. I am not putting too much pressure on myself. I am desperately trying to find cheap audiobooks for my son, who has some learning difficulties. So far no dice and our library where we live, is not the best.

Advice Not Given Podcast

Listening. Of course, Andrew Peterson is always the music playlist that I run to. But on the advice of my daughter, I listened to a bit of Billie Eilish too. Not my flavor, but I try to be open to what my big kids are listening to. When I walk, I listen to the Advice Not Given Podcast. It is put on by fellow Military Spouses, the MilspoGurus and it is funny and eye opening. It helps to that my friend Claire is one of the hosts too. I also listened to a few episodes of The Bible Binge podcast as well. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years. It’s so funny. It is a blend of pop culture and bible survey. I appreciate that they truly are trying to understand the Bible better.

Watching. I love my streaming services, probably too much. My husband and I finished watching the Great British Baking Show. My total favorite. I’m sad it is over. I was sick the second week of February so during my fevered days, I started watching Bones again on Amazon Prime. Oh I love this show. It’s so funny and smart and I love all things gory and medical-y. Now I can’t stop. Because my husband and I are total Anglophiles, we watch and love British Shows. (We lived in Wales for two and half years). We found a new show on Amazon Prime called Cruising the Cut. It is so funny and nerdy. It is one man’s docu-journey of canal boating in England. My husband dreams of canal-boating in England one day.

Baking. For The Faces of History Presentation Night, I baked 160 rolls for soup and salad night. I also made a pesto and 4 cheese Star Pull-Apart Bread and a Babka Star Bread too. Finally, I baked a whole lot of Sourdough Bread. I have 8 loaves of sourdough in my freezer right now. Some of my bakes were bit fat fails, but most were good.

Just this past Friday, I had four women over and I held a class to teach how to make sourdough. It was so much fun. I would love to hold another class like this. Praying the Lord opens the doors to build a baking business.

We’re heading in to Lent this week. It will be 47 days of reflection on the Lord’s suffering. I will be honest, Lent is not my favorite time of year. Granted, I don’t think it is supposed to be. I pray that the Lord would work on my heart to bring me closer to him. May this season be a time of seeking the Lord and finding him.

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  1. Check your library. Our library subscribes to four digital sources for ebooks AND audio books. I listen to books daily because I’m an audio learner and I don’t have time to “read” books. My library uses: CloudLibrary, Libby by Overdrive, Hoopla, and Flipster (though Flipster is strictly e-magazines–but I’ve used it to read Consumer Reports before). Anyway, I started with my reading goal last year of 12 books, but since I drive daily, I wound up getting through 68 books! And I only “read” a few of them (two or three) that didn’t have an audio version at all! This morning, I finished The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which is 1249 pages long! It took me four weeks! I think the only one that heavy that I listened to was Bonhoffer: Pastor, Martyr Spy. If I keep getting long ones like those, I might only get through 12 this year, haha.


    1. Our library is horrible. I’ve looked for so many books for school and not been able to get them. You would think that such pretty buildings would have books, but in this instance, not so much


      1. Periodically, call and ask them if they subscribe to a digital content site. Also, you can put it in your comments/recommendations box. Wow, they don’t even have cd books? We have hundreds of books on cd in JUST my library. That’s terrible.


  2. Periodically, call and ask them if they subscribe to a digital content site. Also, you can put it in your comments/recommendations box. Wow, they don’t even have cd books? We have hundreds of books on cd in JUST my library. That’s terrible.

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