Welcome to My Porch, My Home



Welcome to my porch.  It’s got mis-matched pillows, but there’s a table you can put your coffee cup on and we can sit and talk.  We’ll talk about nothing and things that are so important.  But this is a place for comfort.  I pray that you will feel at home.  

2019 has begun and I’m so excited to start this blog.  My heart has been crying out to write for so many years. The Lord has opened the door and this blog is going live!

I do feel a bit like I’m late to the party.  There are so many blogs out there.  Mommy blogs are everywhere.  But I am different.  I am me.  I do not know where this is going.  I don’t know if this is going to be a forever thing, but for today, my blog is live.  So it begins.  

The Tag line is Home, Hospitality and Hope.  So I’m going to begin by explaining those things and three part series.  


Home for our family has been everywhere.  It’s been a 100 year old Welsh Cottage, an old pebble dashed manse, an apartment in the not-so-good part of town, a couple of brand new homes, a rental that we could walk out the front door and be impressed by God’s creation of Mt. Rainier, an orange 3-story duplex, an old 1950s Army Post house and a few others.  Now, we live in the Red House on the Corner.  It’s grand on the outside and perfect for us on the inside.  It has a place for the dog to run (and bark at the neighbors walking their dogs, sorry!).  The kids each have their space, something I have become adamant about for us.  There is space for video games and homeschool books, Christmas decorations, and kitchen gadgets. I too have my space.  Actually I have two spaces.  One for doing the running of the house, and writing and one space for the listening.  Listening to God speak, through his word and through friends.  

And so home is really where we hang our hats.  It’s where I bake bread and pray for people to come visit. It is where my children fight and love and laugh and cry.  It’s a place where chaos reigns, but sometimes, when it’s really quiet late at night, I feel the joy despite the chaos of the day.  Our family knows this is not our permanent home, our forever home.  We dream that it might be, but our wandering life, means that we will not be here forever.  No home can be a forever home.  That Forever home I cannot find here on earth.  That longing, in Welsh, Hiraeth for no English word fits, is a deep desire for home, deep-deep homesickness.   I long to be with my True Friend.  To be in the home He has created for me (John 14:2).  But until that day, I will content myself with the homes God brings to me for us to live in, thankful that we have a roof over our heads.  

And friends, that is why I am here.  To talk with you, to listen to you, and laugh and joke around.  Life is hard, but friends are the good stuff.  I hope you will sit with me on my porch and laugh and maybe cry.  Let’s do this life together for a little while.  

“And lets gather around the tables
And share stories til the sun goes down
And secrets til the stars fill the skies
And we’ll laugh about tomorrow
And we’ll drown all our sorrows
In the joy of being side by side”

Jess Ray – Humble Heart

Take a seat and let’s visit for awhile. 

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